Define spaces by playing with colors, textures and layouts

Dickson Wooven Flooring

Transformed spaces

Architectural approaches to interiors have undergone a radical change in recent years. The physical limits between the rooms in our homes or offices have disappeared. Walls and partitions have been removed and replaced by visual boundaries. These new approaches make it easier to move around and let in more natural light.

A fresh approach to interiors

Removing physical barriers doesn’t mean you can’t define boundaries. Within a single space, you can create areas for movement or socializing, alongside more private spaces. How? Simply lay out your furniture and then apportion the colors and textures of floors and walls in a thoughtful way.

How do you define a space using the floor?

Use cut-out shapes and mix products to create different floor spaces.

Délimiter par le contraste

Contrast : Black/white contrast for visual imapct, strong and graphic lines.

Délimiter par le oppositions de couleurs

Color differences : red and green to create fun areas.

Délimiter en jouant les camaieux

Shading : shades of blue to give spaces a strong identity.

Délimiter par des jeux de matières

Interplay of materials : textures and solid colors for subtle boundaries with no visual breaks.

Free your imagination

Regardless of the range or format, we apply the same underlay technique to each flooring product. Because you don’t need to worry about differences in thickness between finishes, you’re free to imagine the design of your dreams. You can mix our products, and blend, combine and overlay shapes and colours without technical limits.

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