A tribute to Mondrian

A tribute to Mondrian


For the 2011 edition of the “Jardins, jardin” festival, landscape artist Didier Danet pays tribute to one of the 20th century’s most influential artists: Mondrian. His so-called artsy garden was developed for Extérieurs Design magazine’s entry in this exciting annual event.

The landscape artist was not looking for people to admire his work as they would a painting, but rather to bring life to the master’s painting through his gardening. To achieve this, he played up the contrasts between a rigid structure and plants that reflect the original painting’s palette as closely as possible. This garden painting is framed by vibrant, primary coloured aluminium wrought by Eric Ferber.

The square of fabric that tops this dazzling piece had to be just the right red, exactly like that which the famous Dutch painter used. Didier Danet found what he needed in the Sunbrella® collection of solids by Dickson®. This vibrant sheet of intense red fabric fits perfectly with the garden’s precision, a lively, poignant nod to the great Mondrian.

Materials selected for the prototype:
Sunbrella® solids fabrics

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