Hölja by Sanna Gripner



Moving cushions in and out whenever you use them is an annoying thing. With the swedish ever-changing weather, the use of outdoor furniture can be very tricky. From this observation, Sanna Gripner came to the idea of using the furniture itself as a cover, requiring less space to store and efforts to move. Using waterproof fabrics to make the furniture resistant to outside conditions while beeing comfortable led to Sunbrella® fabrics.

The use of Sunbrella® fabrics removes the need to dry the cushion or having to buy new ones after beeing damage by damp. The two colors communicates it is not a regulat lounge chair, but an interactive and collapsible back.

Hölja chair by Sanna Gripner

Working on a brief asking to work on urban outdoor life for different places around the world, the New Way Out project aimed to a showcase at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Sanna Gripner is a 30 years old student. From the will to become an inventor as a kid, Sanna studied design in hight school then turned to Art. Feeling the need to go back to product making, she entered Beckmans College of Design (Stockholm), currently on the final year of her Product and Interior Design Bachelor.

With more than 30 different jobs since high school, she takes benefits from this work experience to built her design : solving problems with the perfect balance betwen function and aesthetics. The idea behind it : the function sets the shape and the product communicates itself how to use it. The perfect way to say goobye to user manual and enhance the user's experience.

You can meet Sanna Gripner and discover the Hölja chair at the Ventura Lambrate exhibition in Milan, 12-17 april 2016.

Materials selected for the prototype :
Sunbrella® Natte 10100 SEPIA >> See the product.
Sunbrella® Solids & Stripes 3944 CHARRON >> See the product.

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