Do you want to refresh and protect your outdoor fabrics?

Remember to use both TEX'AKTIV products!

Cleaned, treated, waterproofed fabric
Cleaned, treated, waterproofed fabric

Outdoor fabrics are chemically treated with a waterproofing agent during the manufacturing process.

This enables them to better withstand the wear and tear of water and various types of dirt (dust, plant particles, tree sap, insects, light oil deposits, etc.) and prevents mould from developing.

Over time, the initial treatment can become less effective. That’s why it’s important to regularly clean and treat your outdoor fabrics.

This type of maintenance will allow you to keep your textiles in excellent condition and make them last much longer!

label Tex'Aktiv CLEAN


  • Deep-acting
  • Powerful stain remover

eliminates stains and odours on deck chairs, cushions and sun protection such as umbrellas, shade sails, awnings, and so forth.

→ See label for details

label Tex'Aktiv GUARD

waterproofing agent

  • Stain protection
  • Beading effect

protects fabrics against stains and dirt build-up.
This product is ideal for use on deck chairs, cushions and sun protection devices.
It prevents water and grease from penetrating into the fabric.
The colourless beading effect gives all your outdoor fabrics a fresh boost!

→ See label for details

TEX'AKTIV CLEAN reduces the beading effect (resistance). After each cleaning, it is therefore necessary to apply TEX'AKTIV GUARD in order to renew the fabrics’ waterproofing and to protect them from dirt.

→ Test results prove the effectiveness of TEX'AKTIV outdoor fabric cleaner and waterproofing treatment. The test was conducted on a sample of the solution-dyed acrylic Orchestra fabric by Dickson®.

Fabric in its initial state (new)
→ Cleanliness: 5/5
Water column test: 350 mm (resists the pressure of a 350 mm water column)

Fabric after a few years, before treatment
→ Cleanliness: depending on the case, approximately 1/5
Water column test: 100 mm maximum

Fabric after cleaning with TEX'AKTIV CLEAN
→ Cleanliness: 4/5 average
Water column test: < 100 mm

Fabric after TEX'AKTIV GUARD treatment
→ Cleanliness: 4/5 average
Water column test: 200 mm

Fabric one year after being treated with TEX'AKTIV CLEAN & GUARD
→ Cleanliness: 4/5 average
Water column test: 200 mm


Depending on the level of dirt build-up, Tex'Aktiv can restore up to 80% of a fabric’s original beauty and resistance!

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