Dickson® Rugs open up new horizons

Bohemian, pop or chic, Dickson rugs now feature colorful edging and unique new shapes, banishing forever any idea of a difference between indoor and outdoor use.
These rugs are equally at home alongside the pool or in the kitchen, in the living room or on the deck, changing outlooks and opening up new possibilities for personalisation and design.

Available in standard or customized sizes, alone or in combination, in any of the collection’s 13 shapes or one that you design yourself, Dickson rugs are here to trample the constraints of traditional design.

Designed for heavy residential and commercial use, Dickson ® rugs are made with a technical innovation developed for the most demanding environments, such as hotels, restaurants, patios and pool areas.
Comfortable, resistant, easy to clean and rotproof, they bring together the look and feel of textiles with the advantages of vinyl.

Reddot awards 2015 winner

Dickson® received the 2015 Red Dot Design Award for its In & Out Rugs collection. This prestigious and renowned prize recognizes the best products in the area of design and innovation.

Outdoor rugs

The Dickson Designer Rugs App allows you to simulate the indoor or outdoor Dickson® rugs to easily plan. Save your simulations, compare and share your trials.

Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs
Outdoor rugs

Unparalleled technical performance of various kinds

Low maintenance

Abrasion resistant

3 year warranty

Water resistant

UV resistant

Would you like a different shape?

Does your project require a special size?
All projects can be customized: shape, size, cut, choice of edging…
Thanks to Dickson’s innovative cutting software, you can let your imagination roam free.

Design your custom rug

Only three steps :

  • Customize your shape
  • Bespoke dimensions
  • Colors and border

Extremly durable, easy to maintain rugs


Woven from revolutionary fibres, Dickson® rugs covering options combine the remarkable durability of vinyl with the aesthetic appeal and texture of traditional carpeting.

A true technical innovation developed for the most demanding public areas, such as hotels, offices, shops, restaurants, etc., Dickson® rugs are durables, comfortables, easy to maintain and attractively designed.


  1. Woven top side
  2. Monofilament polyester core
  3. Very high density foam


  1. Fibreglass layer
  2. Acoustic foam


floorscoreDickson® rugs covering solutions are FloorScore® certified. Good indoor air quality is essential because people spend most of their lives indoors. The air we breathe affects both our health and our well-being, from minor disturbances, such as odours, skin and eye irritations, to the development or aggravation of more serious ailments, such as respiratory allergies.

Independently tested and certified by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI), Dickson® flooring meets the official emissions criteria for volatile organic components (VOC) and is recognized as contributing to good indoor air quality.


oekotexDickson® flooring has also been awarded the Oeko-Tex 100 label certifying that they do not contain any toxic substances and do not represent any risks for human health, skin or the environment.

Abrasion resistant
Stain resistant

Although the structure of the weave makes it appear to have a certain relief element, the exclusive assembly process used by Dickson® guarantees it is absolutely waterproof, dustproof and stainproof. The warp and weft yarns are heat- sealed together and assembled to the backing while they’re still hot to prevent the penetration of any dirt or liquids in between the fibres so it stays on the surface for easy clean-up.

Dickson® rugs ensures optimal quality sanitary conditions. Rotproof, antibacterial, and impervious to dust mites, mould spores and fungus, the impermeable surface makes it easy to keep clean and prevents tough to remove stains like coffee, wine, fruit jam, blood, etc.

Entretien facile


Cleaning times are kept to a minimum: indoors, regular cleaning is done using a simple vacuum cleaner, a scrubbing brush and warm water with a mild detergent; outdoors, cleaning is made easy with the garden hose or pressure washer (max: 60 bar) together with a brushing action.



Dickson® rugs were designed to resist stains by not absorbing liquids and thus making spills quick and easy to clean.

Woven from revolutionary vinyl fibres and combined with a high performance backing, it is extremely tough-wearing.

An innovative textile solution at the leading edge of the hottest decorating trends, perfectly adapted to the most demanding environments in terms of practicality and durability.

Technical data

4 mm

3,1 kg/m2

-8 / 8

commercial heavy
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