OVAL - Ellipse


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Raw finish or arrayed in refined edging trim, harmonious decoration reaches your indoor or outdoor.

Dickson® rugs are made with a technical innovation developed for the most demanding environments, such as hotels, restaurants, patios and pool areas. Comfortable, resistant, easy to clean and rotproof, they bring together the look and feel of textiles with the advantages of vinyl. Dickson ® rugs bear the Floorscore and Oeko-Tex labels, are recognised for their ability to contribute to high indoor air quality, and their components do not pose any health risk.


4 mm

198 cm

3100 g/m²

3 années

18 dB


Available borders

Clean cut

Bubble, Bubble Suite, Rose and Moon are available only in a raw version (without edging). Globe, Marshmallow, Ellipse, Pebble and Stone are available either in a raw version or with edging trim.

Edging trim

Sunbrella® acrylic edging trim: refined and discreet, subtly outlining the rug's shape while hugging the delicate curves and contours of the geometric pieces. The visible width of the trim is around 1 cm.


A unique composition for extremely durable and easy-to-maintain rugs.

Although the structure of the weave makes it appear to have a certain relief element, the exclusive assembly process used by Dickson® guarantees it is absolutely waterproof, dustproof and stainproof. The warp and weft yarns are heat- sealed together and assembled to the backing while they’re still hot to prevent the penetration of any dirt or liquids in between the fibres so it stays on the surface for easy clean-up.

Dickson® rugs ensures optimal quality sanitary conditions. Rotproof, antibacterial, and impervious to dust mites, mould spores and fungus, the impermeable surface makes it easy to keep clean and prevents tough to remove stains like coffee, wine, fruit jam, blood, etc. Woven from revolutionary vinyl fibres and combined with a high performance backing, it is extremely tough-wearing.

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