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Want to boost your sales whatever the season?

Work days that turn into nights out, earlier springs and later autumns, last-minute decisions to meet up in town... Add to this the changing habits of your customers, who think nothing of enjoying a drink or meal on the terrace, even in winter, and you’ve got countless opportunities to OPEN YOUR TERRACE.
Whatever the season, closing your terrace is now a thing of the past!

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Increase your customer capacity

By fitting your awning with Orchestra Max fabric, come rain or shine, your customers can stay on your terrace for longer. Orchestra Max protects from heat, UV rays and the rain. You no longer need to wind up your awning at the slightest shower, leaving your customers free to enjoy the terrace.

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Save time

The coating of the Orchestra Max fabric increases its water resistance, and makes it easy to maintain. Remove dirt - insects, debris and dust - from the fabric by leaving it open in the rain or simply rinse it with water for easy maintenance!

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of sales can be generated by your terrace*

Don't miss out on extra sales: select Orchestra Max® fabric to protect your customers, whatever the season.

* Source : CHD expert

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Last year I fitted my terrace awnings with Orchestra Max fabric.

"It has definitely increased my customer capacity. People enjoy sitting at my terrace all year round. It's good for my restaurant’s image and for my business!”

restaurant owner in Lyon, France

Orchestra Max, your business ally !

Dickson® works with leading industry professionals to offer advice and support on your awning project. Benefit from their experience and expertise and guarantee your safety and the quality of your service and installation at every stage. Their goal is your satisfaction.

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