Dickson is revolutionising floors with its new collection of graphic woven vinyls

Bea Easy U513 Magma REd U514 Seep Purple

The 2017 Collection: 6 Ranges and 42 references allowing you to create colourflul, graphic looks.

Dickson Flooring 2017 Range

Shape Lab : you can now let your imagination roam free

Be Tweed

Since each room in your home presents its own special challenges, the Dickson® Shape Lab allows you to design and modulate a floor in ways that were never before possible. The six ranges are of fered in various new formats inspired by other types of coverings, giving you a palet te of unique colours with which you can create new combinations. Use the dif ferent styles to bring rhythm, perspectives and reflections to your interior spaces!

Learn more about the new woven flooring collection
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