Orchestra MAX


Multi-purpose Orchestra Max is particularly well suited for permanent installations with constant exposure to pollution and ever-changing weather.

It's primarily designed for shops, hotels and restaurants but also provides a state-of-the-art solution for the most demanding home-owners. With its 12 new references, Orchestra Max is playing the decorative card, betting on solids in bold colours like pink and denim, balanced with simple, elegant stripes.

Self-cleaning fabric made with nano-particles

Inspired by the unique characteristics of the Lotus leaf, which remains clean and dry at all times despite its wet, muddy surroundings, the Orchestra Max range is completely covered with a special treatment called PERMACLEAN. Developed by Dickson®, this treatment is formulated with nano-particles that make water bead up and roll right off the surface, taking dirt right along with it before it has a chance to settle in. As a result, all you need to do is spray the fabric with water to keep it looking clean as new.

Water-repellent, anti-UV fabric

Coated on one side with an anti-fungal, UV-resistant acrylic resin, Orchestra Max is perfectly waterproof, so people can take full advantage of outdoor terraces all year long, even when it rains.

Since it blocks out heat as well, Orchestra Max has the added advantage of keeping the temperature down to avoid the greenhouse effect which otherwise can occur under an awning in full sun.

Certified by a renowned European research organisation

Orchestra Max was awarded the Selfcleaning ' Inspired by nature certificate by the most highly reputed German textile research centre, the ITV Denkendorf.

This label guarantees the new Permaclean applied to all Orchestra Max fabric is 100% effective.

Terrasse avec store Orchestra MAX

Without any Permaclean finish

  • a. Rolling water droplet
  • b. Dirt
  • c. Fabric
  • Dirt is not carried away by the water

With a Permaclean finish

  • a. Rolling water droplet
  • b. Dirt
  • c. Fabric
  • d. Nano-particles
  • Dirt is carried away by the water
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