Cleaning guide for Dickson® fabrics

Dickson fabrics have all the necessary characteristics to use outside and you should not encounter any specific problems if you respect the following recommendations:

  • The awning system should be positioned in such a way that there is perfect tension of the fabric with no rubbing. This tension will avoid the forming of pockets of water in the event of rain.

  • In the event of high winds, retract the awning.

  • In the rain, the awning can be left out , but avoid retracting it damp and leaving it for a long period of time. If for different reasons, you must retract it out as soon as you can to allow it to dry.

This advice is given to you even though the canvas is rot proof from nature because there is always the risk in the long term, of dirt deposits or atmospheric pollution which can rot.

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The ORCHESTRA, ORCHESTRA MAX, SYMPHONY AND OPERA canvases from DICKSON-CONSTANT are treated with a special finish which delays the forming and accumulation of dirt.

Tex Aktiv

In order not to spoil this treatment, cleaning of the fabric must be done respecting the following recommendations:


    Dust and dry awning as thoroughly as possible to remove all surface particles by vacuuming, air blasting, beating or brushing.


    - For fingerprints or grease stains, use soapy water.
    - For watermarks, sponge out as much as you can and rub gently with a moist cloth. Never use detergents or other chemical products.


    For the best possible result: use the Tex'Aktiv Clean and Guard products, recommended by Dickson.

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