Colour plays an important role in solar protection.

Colour choice directly affects heat and light penetration. Pale colours let through more heat but offer incomparable light. Dark colours keep things cooler but blocks out more of the sunshine. Colours also offer optimum UV protection.

Dark shades provide total UVA and UVB protection, whereas paler shades provide protection similar to that of an SPF 50 skin cream.

Motion, lights, and optical illusions open multiple perspectives for outdoor decorating and design.

With this new jacquard dubbed 'Cube', the Opera range gives awnings a cinematic dimension, artfully combining special effects and metallic variations.


CUBE fabric

A technical feat beyond compare, the Cube fabric is the result of an exceptional weave that plays with symmetries and dares to introduce 3D illusions.

Metallic grey, mother-of-pearl white, warn denim... the silver screen version of awning fabric teams up brilliantly with any of the Orchestra solids for a box office hit every time.

Oversized patterns and broad bands of colour characterise the 14 references in the Opera range.

In addition to the exciting Cube option, Opera boats 3 additional jacquards with remarkable personalities reminiscent of poppy seeds, pebbles and soho... that let nature play a starring role.


PAVOT version

Mandarin orange, raspberry pink, blueberry purple and apple green... the Pavot jacquard indulges the sassiest sweet tooth with a mixture of 4 fabulously flashy colours that feel like soft, cosy cotton.


GALET version

A new shade of stone grey and simplified graphics combine smooth and metallic effects to make the Galet jacquard fit naturally and beautifully into its environment.


SOHO version

The Soho jacquard lets lines run totally out of control for a fun-filled design. Sun-kissed with colours from Provence, these awning fabrics invite the lazy days of summer to take over your terrace.


The constant quest for new materials and high-tech performance have earned Dickson® fabrics quite a reputation and their manufacturing process is what makes all the difference in the world.

Dickson® fabrics are exclusively woven with Sunacryl solution-dyed acrylic fibres

Developed by the Dickson® R&D teams, these exceptional quality fibres are solution- dyed, which means the colour pigments are incorporated during the actual manufacturing process, not afterwards, like most others.

That’s why the colours stay true despite the sun, moon and weather.

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