The new generation Orchestra® fabrics

DICKSON® is now offering a new generation fabric with incomparable properties and performance levels to revolutionize the Outdoor decorating market. Its technical characteristics have been improved to meet the changing market demands and meet consumer expectations in terms of durability and solar protection.

Greater water-resistance (Schmerber 370 mm instead of 350 mm), better protection (tighter weave: 0.11% open instead of 0.36%) and more stable, the new generation Orchestra fabric is even more high performance than ever before.

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Colours that last

The solution-dyed yarn used to produce our fabrics offers long-lasting resistance to UV rays and weather conditions. Even when exposed to strong sunlight, they retain their dazzling colours... for a very long time.

10-year fabric warranty

Its high-performance fibres, treatments and weaving processes allow Dickson to guarantee some of its fabrics for up to 10 years.

French made

Building on its unique expertise, Dickson produces all of its fabrics in Wasquehal in northern France (59).

Visual and thermal comfort

Dickson® fabric reduces glare and heat by up to 95% to eliminate the greenhouse effect, keep your interiors feeling fresh and, depending on the colour, block 90% to 100% of UV rays.

Easy to maintain

CLEANGARD® water- and dirt-resistant finish ensures each of our fabrics is highly resistant to stains, grease and water. Low maintenance guaranteed!

Textiles that protect people and the planet

Awarded the OEKO-TEX label (class II, products in direct contact with the skin), Dickson fabrics are produced without hazardous substances and do not pose a threat to health, the skin or the environment.

The constant quest for new materials and high-tech performance have earned Dickson® fabrics quite a reputation and their manufacturing process is what makes all the difference in the world.

Dickson® fabrics are exclusively woven with Sunacryl solution-dyed acrylic fibres

Developed by the Dickson® R&D teams, these exceptional quality fibres are solution- dyed, which means the colour pigments are incorporated during the actual manufacturing process, not afterwards, like most others.

That’s why the colours stay true despite the sun, moon and weather.

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