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Shape LAB

Shape Lab allows unprecedented scope for testing and modulating floor surfaces

From offices to hotels to homes, each space is unique, and so are your decorating choices. Now available to order in four shapes, Dickson flooring offers countless layout possibilities.

Be Different

Free yourself from standard layouts or complement them by mixing products to create rhythm, perspectives and re ections to transform interiors. Allow your imagination free rein by playing with lighting, textures and reflections.

With six ranges and a palette of unique colours to choose from, create your own rules and transform flooring into a design feature.

Choice of layout patterns

Random joints pattern

Random joints pattern is suitable with standard planks and XL planks. The joints are spaced randomly; the off-cut of the first row is used to start the third row, and the off-cut of the second to start the fourth and so on.

Random joints
Random joints

Herringbone pattern

Herringbone pattern is suitable with standard planks and XL planks in one or more colours.


Monolithic pattern

Monolithic pattern is suitable with the Be Tweed tile range for a uniform look. The ashlar pattern offers the best aesthetic result.

Checkerboard pattern

Checkerboard pattern is adapted to all tile ranges in one or more colours.


Diamond cube pattern

Diamond cube pattern creates three different shades in a single colour.

Hexagonal pattern

Hexagonal pattern also offers up to three different shades in a single colour, when hexagons are arranged as illustrated below.

Diamond Cube

Dickson Woven Flooring is fast and simple to install on any kind of surface

Like any other flexible flooring, installation is done by gluing the material directly to any kind of flat, clean, dry, stiff surface.To save time and increase flexibility, you can also install the tiles with a non-permanent glue.

The FrayGuard® technology developed by Dickson minimizes the common phenomenon of fraying when cutting carpeting and boosts durability of the weave. It guarantees clean-cut edges for fast, efficient, impeccable installation.

The first vinyl woven flooring that doesn't fray

Pose facile
Pose facile
Picto Dalles


Dimensions : 50x50 cm

Picto Rouleau


Largeur : 2m

Picto Sans Effilochage


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