Reference : Combining ranges and colours

When it comes to choosing your interior decoration, colour makes all the difference. It changes how a space looks and feels, and its overall atmosphere. Variations in the colour and weave of woven floor coverings create a more authentic look. After our Innovation Cluster, we modernised our premises using the infinite combinations offered by our woven vinyl floor coverings. Shape Lab’s wide selection of colours and shapes have revitalized our workspaces and meeting rooms.

Dickson Flooring

Besides colour, it’s also possible to play with various aspects of Dickson Woven Flooring. Choose one of three associations - monochrome, contrast or shade - to transform your interior into a unique space, and intensify the visual impact of the selected colour according to how the space is lit.


Red brings warmth to any room. Stimulating and energising, it enlivens small spaces – as in this harlequin layout. This warm colour is also perfect for large areas.

Dickson Flooring Red

U547 Volcano Red
BTW U547 Volcano Red

U513 Magma Red
BEA U513 Magma Red

U514 Deep Purple
BEA U514 Deep Purple


A more neutral colour, grey marries perfectly with any interior. Trendy and timeless, it brings out other, more lively and intense hues. Combine different ranges to heighten the cube effect and intensify the nuances of Dickson’s woven vinyl floor coverings.

Dickson Flooring Grey

U532 Titanium
BOP U532 Titanium

U506 Meteorite Silver
BEA U506 Meteorite Silver

U549 Lunar Rock
BTW U549 Lunar Rock


Synonymous with elegance, blue adds a refreshing touch to any interior. It reflects more light than it absorbs, so even dark blue looks fresh and lively. ​​

Dickson Flooring Hexagon

U545 Ocean Depths
BTW U545 Ocean Depths

U542 Inspiration
BDI U542 Inspiration

U533 Deep Lake
BOP U533 Deep Lake


Warm beige tones give rooms a welcoming feel. Beige is often paired with brown to create soothing and relaxing interiors. Combine ranges and play with contrasts and shapes in weft or warp yarns to invent your own design.​​

Dickson Flooring beige

U500 Refinement
BSM U500 Refinement

U511 Dark Robusto
BEA U511 Dark Robusto

U550 Sand Storm
BTW U550 Sand Storm

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